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The Japan Karate Federation Gojukai Australia (JKFGA) was formed in 1991. The JKFGA has grown to become the premier Gojuryu organisation in Australia with many of the best and most highly sought after Goju clubs in Australia being members of, and working alongside the organisation to continue to develop and enhance the Gojuryu style as it is taught in Japan.

The 3 main groups that oversee all of the JKFGA are Seiwakai, Seishikan and Shingokan.

For all queries please email us at info@jkfga.com.au


The origins of karate-do date back to the ancient travels of Buddhist monks throughout the Asian Frontier. Unarmed and oppressed, it became necessary for them to develop a form of self-defence for their survival…Read More.

Japan Karate Federation Goju Kai (JKF)

The Japan Karate-do Federation was established in 1964 to organise and oversee all styles of traditional Japanese Karate…Read More.

Japan Karate Federation Goju Kai Australia (JKFGA)

The JKFGA was formed in 1991 by Chooi Chee Choong who was the first president elected in Australia, before this time Merv Oakley, Keith Hill (Seiwakai) and Chooi Chee Choong (Seishikan)…Read  More.

JKFGA - Purpose & Objectives

Our Rules of Association state the objects of JKFGA.

(c) to ensure that a high standard of Goju Ryu Karate is maintained inAustralia;..Read More.


Gojuryu Karate is designed for real combat.

Real combat is fast and furious and messy. That’s why we focus on what works, rather than flashy moves.

Learn techniques that are practical and effective. Techniques that generate maximum speed and power effortlessly.


Gojuryu Karate embraces the way of hard and soft. It embraces balance.

Balance is vital to health and longevity. With the right techniques and training, you don’t need (or want) to be built like a tank.

Learn to build a balanced body.


Gojuryu Karate focuses on training according to your abilities and physique.

We are all built differently, with different strengths and weaknesses, but we should all be able to hold our own against any opponent, even if they are bigger or stronger or faster.

We help you “even the odds” by focusing on strategy, by honing techniques suited to your strengths and by eliminating wasteful movement.

Learn to enhance your strengths and harness your weaknesses.